Release Notes


1.8.0 (released: 10th October 2021)

UI Refresh

Add an option to reset the numbering on color way names

Bug fixes

1.7.1 (released: 4th April 2021)

Fix for an issue where Weaveroo would hang when the number of ends or picks in a Warp/Weft plan was 0.

Fix for an issue where the Warp/Weft plans didn’t update correctly when adding a new colour or on undo/redo.

1.7.0 (released: 20th March 2021)

Fixes for Nep rendering

Fixes for “create palette from image”

3D Preview changes: new background options; Man with trousers; Woman sitting.

1.6.0 (released: 31st January 2021)

Improved warp/weft plan editor

Adds support for system user colour palettes if present

Advanced clipboard options

New 3D models: Scarf, Suit, Bag

1.5.1 (released: 23rd November 2020)

Performance improvements

Bug fixes

1.5.0 (released: 25th October 2020)

Bracketing (repeated sections) in Treadling plans

Rotated peg plans

Expand bracketing in the weave plan

A new colour picker for quicker colour selection

Press and hold to show back of the fabric

See your current location in the design with the new document mini-map

Bug fixes and stability improvements

1.4.3 (released: 11th October 2020)

Fix a crash in warp/weft plan bracketing

Ensure that exported images/WIF files have the correct file extensions

1.4.2 (released: 7th September 2020)

A new interface to streamline image/WIF export

Fix an issue with flipped designs in 3D preview

1.4.1 (released: 22nd August 2020)

Improved texture render on light yarn colours

1.4.0 (released: 15th August 2020)

Performance improvements

High Sierra support

1.3.0 (released: 5th July 2020)

Expand/collapse the sidebar

New toolbar design

Performance improvements and bug fixes

1.2.1 (released: 30th June 2020)

Fix for treadling/tieups not updating the peg plan

1.2.0 (released: 14th June 2020)

Support for colours with Neps

Create a colour palette from an image

Copy plan information to clipboard

1.1.1 (released: 17th May 2020)

Fix a WIF loading bug

When showing the colour library as a result of clicking on a colour in a design, we now scroll to the colour you clicked on and flash it so that you know what you’re looking for.

1.1.0 (released: 12th May 2020)

Fabric render modes

Vest/dress/tunic 3D preview model

1.0.5 (released: 24th March 2020)

Squash some bugs

1.0.4 (released: 16th March 2020)

Fix a WIF loading bug

1.0.3 (released: 15th March 2020)

Bug fixes

Save weave structure into design templates

1.0.2 (released: 1st March 2020)

Fix a couple of 3D preview scaling issues

1.0.1 (released: 23rd February 2020)

First version


1.3.0 (released: 20th March 2021)

3D rendering and Augmented Reality (on supported devices)

1.2.3 (released: 29th December 2020)

Fixes for design scale on new iPhone/iPad devices

1.2.2 (released: 3rd December 2020)

Performance improvements for large designs

1.2.1 (released: 23rd August 2020)

Improved texture render on light yarn colours

1.2.0 (released: 2nd August 2020)

Performance improvements with large/complex designs

1.1.0 (released: 14th June 2020)

Fabric render


1.0.1 (released: 16th March 2020)

Squash some bugs

1.0.0 (released: 23rd February 2020)

First version